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Little Feat’s, Richie Hayward, Dies of Cancer at 64

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I’m so sorry, but this AP article is missing because AP’s intellectual property partner, iCopyright and Clip&Copy have a HORRIFIC and INEFFECTIVE interface that fails to work at all.

The primary problem, in my opinion, is that iCopyright‘s Technical Writing Staff and Support Staff make assumptions about their potential users, and thus their communication skills suffer so drastically, that my hopes are that a competitor will bury their asses and put them where they indeed belong: to shame.

Hell, I don’t even know if it is LEGAL for me to embed the link to the AP website here without going to jail.
So, that said, you’ll have to Google it to find the article.

My advice… STAY AWAY FROM using the iCopyright or Clip&Copy tools.
They BOTH SUCK ASS and have LIMITED to NO support whatsoever.

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Jamie Gorelick, Countess of Catastrophe, STRIKES AGAIN!

Monday, July 5, 2010

I believe everyone is susceptible to a good conspiracy theory, given the right conditions.  And given exceptional conditions, even in the absence of any evidence whatsoever, there is even that rare circumstance in which EVERYONE will be suspect of ONE SPECIFIC conspiracy theory.

Enter stage far left, Ms. Jamie Gorelick, former Clinton Deputy Attorney Gestapo and Federal Housing heiress, just last week found to be slithering amongst the proverbial rubble of YET ANOTHER AMERICAN CATASTROPHE.  Somehow, over the last two decades, Gorelick has managed to somehow found herself covered in the fecal matter of EVERY SINGLE MAJOR CATASTROPHE with the SINGLE exception of Hurricane Katrina (so far), yet somehow benefiting quite handsomely after all the dust settles.


Countess of Catastrophe

One cannot help but nominate her for the award of being “The Epitome of Begging the Question”…

I’ve decided to direct my readers to a fellow blogger who has amassed every last piece of evidence, from advising Clinton on NOT providing backup during the Black Hawk Down incident in Mogadishu; to the “WALL” erected between the FBI and CIA which led to 911;  and not to be outdone was here advising Clinton throughout the Monica Lewinsky embarrassment, to being one of the top three executives forced out of Fannie and Freddie for her alleged perpetration of fraud against this nation; and now, much to our surprise or chagrin, she’s somehow found herself again right smack dab in the middle of being the VERY PERSON on BP (British Petroleum)’s payroll, providing affirmative  “legal advice” on their decision to bow to the $20 BILLION extortion fee, demanded by American’s current despotic tyrant and monarch, His Majesty, Barack Hussein Obama (aka Barry Dunham, Barry Soetoro, et al).  Is that not the epitome of “IRONIC”?

Find all the EVIDENCE and DETAIL here:

I think it prudent that upon the conservatives retaking power this November, Ms. Gorelick should be the FIRST people who are frog-marched before the House and Senate, and thoroughly investigated by an independent council, to help the American public understand why in the hell she’s allowed anywhere near any positions of power and/or responsibility, given her track record over the last two decades’ most prolific disasters.  But more importantly, why in the world she’s been allowed to prosper so handsomely in the process of her destroying our nation’s economy, being part of the cabal which have likely intentionally been part of destroying the livelihoods of millions of people in the Gulf Coast, and so many more unnamed catastrophes.

I welcome your thoughts on Ms. Gorelick…


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Mission…

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The mission of this self-titled “renaissance man” is to offer my own uniquely provocative expositions on issues great and small, of worlds both random and of relative relevance, which confront the contemporary conservative. My goal is to provide my readers and contributors a platform for posting plain facts and a repository to retrieve reliable research, useful resources for gaining a well-informed and deeper understanding of today’s issues, a forum of open and fair debate, while steering as clear as possible of that well worn path of today’s popular pundits and their predictable prognostications. 

Most of all, prudence is the best policy — posts which are supported by numerous facts, gathered from reliable sources, informed by experience and history; not knee-jerk emotional outbursts, so typical of the reactionary left-wing liberal mindset, polluted by over-indulgence in drugs and alcohol, stunted along with their mental development from an experience gained from the previous item, and devoid any reflection whatsoever that is informed by history, reason, critical thinking skills, nor by any thoughtful prudent actions of any kind.

I welcome your prudent and patriotic muses, input and insights…