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My Mission

My mission is to offer readers my own unique insights and perspectives on that which makes America the most magnificent civil society in human history and those timeless principles which form the firm bedrock of its founding.

It is also my intent to demonstrate why I believe these enduring principles are at risk if our civil society fails to unite itself around prudence in our approach to both societal governance as well as self-governance.

What follow some of my views on liberty versus tyranny — that which has poisoned the body politic and what precisely these two ideologies either contribute to, or detract from, both our collective and individual lives, liberties, the rule of law and our Constitution, and our collective and individual prosperity and pursuits of property and that to which we all ultimately strive, our happiness.

I will attempt to offer a few ideas about what each of us must do to pursue, preserve and protect the first principles, and to applaud and honor those champions of freedom and liberty who are amongst us to day as well as those bridge-builders who went before us.  For it is their wisdom which must endure if this nation is to continue it’s trajectory in order to fulfill the greatest potential I believe it is still destined to achieve…

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