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My Mission…

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The mission of this self-titled “renaissance man” is to offer my own uniquely provocative expositions on issues great and small, of worlds both random and of relative relevance, which confront the contemporary conservative. My goal is to provide my readers and contributors a platform for posting plain facts and a repository to retrieve reliable research, useful resources for gaining a well-informed and deeper understanding of today’s issues, a forum of open and fair debate, while steering as clear as possible of that well worn path of today’s popular pundits and their predictable prognostications. 

Most of all, prudence is the best policy — posts which are supported by numerous facts, gathered from reliable sources, informed by experience and history; not knee-jerk emotional outbursts, so typical of the reactionary left-wing liberal mindset, polluted by over-indulgence in drugs and alcohol, stunted along with their mental development from an experience gained from the previous item, and devoid any reflection whatsoever that is informed by history, reason, critical thinking skills, nor by any thoughtful prudent actions of any kind.

I welcome your prudent and patriotic muses, input and insights…

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